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  1. Where is the “My Wife Don’t Clean” blog? I’m the clean freak in my house. I’ve had to relax my neat rules to cope. I get chastised for cleaning up cause it implies she doesn’t clean.

  2. Heh.

    Is it wrong that I went to “myhusbandscrap” to see if my wife had already signed up?

    And, on that note, should I sign her up? I’m thinking it’s a romantic gift for Valentine’s day.

  3. Hey now, feel free to set up your own sites. We’re doing it in jest and looking for those who want to commiserate. We’ll even take gay men whose husbands don’t clean up after themselves! LOL! We’re equal opportunity.

    I need me a wife. *snort*

    Ben, I think it would be the perfect gift. Memberships are very inexpensive these days (compared to divorce costs. *bwa ha haaaaaaaaa*)

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