I really hate the current interstate ramp at Kingston Pike and Morrell. Several times a week I travel Morrell from Northshore to Middlebrook Pike and back again. Ever since the entrance ramp opened there, people have exited the mall parking lot, driven all the way to the light and forced their way out of the turn lane by cutting someone off or stopped cold in the turn lane instead of merging BEFORE they get to the light. Yesterday someone forced their way in front of me and then another car tried to do the same. When I didn’t cooperate, they became verbally and visually abusive (if people learned sign language, they could express more than their middle finger). I felt bad that I didn’t have time to sit there and let all the mall people race to the front of the line and cut me off but enough is enough. If you don’t try to merge immediately instead of waiting until you are at the intersection, you have to TURN. Stop acting like you are the only person on the road.

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