You know those old jeans you never wear any more? The ones that don’t fit or have a big ink stain on the pocket? Go get them. Are they 100 percent cotton? Cut them into 6 inch squares. Seriously, I want you to cut into those old jeans. Done? Then pull out your sharpie permanent markers and decorate that square. Imagine a 1 inch frame on the square and keep your decoration in the center 4 inches. Doodle, draw a picture, write a positive message or just sign your name. That’s it. You just made a quilt square. Now, send that quilt square (or lots of them) to me and I will bundle them and ship them to Operation Quiet Comfort. They are making Four Freedoms quilts for injured soldiers with these quilt squares. They will take a picture of the finished quilt(s) and I will post the picture here. Come on, this is the least we can do. Leave a note in the comments and I’ll send you my address or you can just google me (I have no illusions about Internet privacy). Just drop them in the mail in the next two weeks so I can get them all bundled and shipped before Girl Scout cookies take over my life on February 27th.

Do you live in East TN? I will make it even easier for you to participate. I will meet you somewhere and I will bring the denim squares and pens. All you have to do is take a minute to decorate the square. You spend more time playing with Photoshop than this will take. I REALLY want to collect enough squares to donate one quilt from The Rocky Top Brigade. I will even meet you someplace fun, like say Ben & Jerry’s?

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