There was a time when I never missed watching the Oscars. While it wasn’t the spiritual experience that Westminster is, it was fun to try and guess who would win the awards. Yes, it was also about playing fashion police. “That dress is beautiful but why is he wearing that?” This year I have seen nothing that is nominated. nada. zip. shake your hand in a zero shape and then blow on your outstretched palm. If they had an awards show for cheesy children’s programming I’d be all over it. ” …and the award for most tragic episode goes to…the one where the doll dies!”

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  1. Ahhhhh, Oscar night! This is one thing that I insist on. Even if we haven’t seen a single movie, we ALL vote. The kids love it… I think it is the prizes [candy] I hand out to the winners.

  2. I was similar in that I would even print out a list of the nominations and circle my choices and try to guess the winners. But that ended a long time ago, as the awards drew out longer and longer and I no longer have the attention span for it. Now my only interest is going to one of the “Entertainment” websites following the awards to see the worst dressed people.

    To top it off, 2005 seemed to be a particularly bad year for film, which was the reason the only film I saw in theaters this year was “Chicken Little”, and neither I nor my daughter cared for it (ok, it really really stunk).

  3. Before I head over to Kristal’s house, I wanna say that I rented Crash (it’s sitting at home waiting for me to see it) and I also saw Chicken Little. I thought it could have been worse, it was better than Valiant, and Sharkboy and Lava Girl, to name two.

    What else is nominated? Anything I might have seen? (winks)

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