Hit me

Apparently my blog about poop, toys and dirty laundry is actually a gambling site and is blocked by Websense.  I’ll give you some inside info to help you choose your bets.  Don’t bet on the laundry ever being caught up completely.  The odds of a tantrum, tears, silliness, crayons on anything other than paper and something spilling are very high.  Even money on Mom and Dad getting a few minutes alone.  Slim chance of quiet, calm or cleanliness.

3 thoughts on “Hit me

  1. Last night, just after the last child went to bed, it was so QUIET in our house it was creepy. I felt like turning on the TV or something, but resisted the urge.

  2. Hey if Boing Boing, “A Directory of Beautiful Things” can be classified as a “Porn Site” I see no reason you can’t be classified as “gambling” after all, isn’t every parent playing a “game of chance” when raising a child?

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