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Today is election day in Knoxville. The schools are the voting locations and they are all open today. Friday they will be closed for a staff development day. I like a three day weekend as much as the next guy, but wouldn’t it be wiser to close the schools on election days. Today, the doors are propped open and people can come and go fairly easily. Every other day, the doors are locked, you must enter the office and sign-in and if they don’t know you, they may ask for identification. I’m just wondering.

I apologize for two political posts in one day. I now resume my midlife crisis, already in progress.

One thought on “school is open

  1. Two sides to that coin. One I certainly understand you point of concern, those that enter the school for voting should have to follow a pre-set “path” to and out of the polling location without being able to detour into the rest of the school at the very least.

    The second is, I LIKE anything that can help bring people out to vote since too many people in this country seem to forget that voting is a RESPONSIBILITY and anything that might help them get into the polls is a good thing, and if it takes them picking up their kids at school to actually get there, then so be it.

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