When the hose popped off the washer and flooded the basement this week, many, many things got soaked. Among them was most of Doug’s ‘Michael J. Fox’ suspenders. I told him that 1980s suspenders have a chemical that becomes toxic if it gets wet and those suspenders must now be thrown away. They are in the trash pile, but Doug keeps looking at them suspiciously with that “I might need those” look in his eye. I suspect many clothes that are more than 20 years old have that same chemical and really should be disposed of. Right?!? Right?

3 thoughts on “suspenders

  1. Don’t believe it, Doug! SAVE the suspenders!

    (waves emtpy coffee can in front of nose for donations)

    SAVE the Clock Tower! SAVE the suspenders!

  2. Maybe Doug should keep them and use them to make a giant slingshot for a Scouts project and get a merit badge. I sure hope he’s not thinking of combining them with the “juggling shirt” to make an outfit!

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