Happy Fourth

Since everyone, everywhere is on vacation, I think I’ll spend the long weekend visiting your empty homes. I’m going to take showers in your clean, functional bathrooms and relax in your air conditioned living rooms. I’m going to do all my laundry in your dryers that don’t have to run three cycles to dry one load. I’m going to let the children play on your mowed, landscaped lawns and nap on your soft, carpeted floors. No? Then we’ll just stay home and the children will eat popcorn and watch DVDs while I fold laundry before our evening firefly hunt. We’ll go see a small, safe fireworks display on Sunday night and cook hot dogs on the grill. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone.

5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth

  1. What Mary said goes for me too, baseball keeping us here… you guys are welcome to come hang with us in Texas anytime…seriously… for a week… 5 days… then you’ll go home right?

  2. Tommy wants to come up to visit us. Yesterday, he lamented that he has never been… and he’s the only one who hasn’t. He said he’s begged to come up, but it hasn’t worked.

    If you can work it out, come visit again with him.

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