not going to blogher?

Are you one of the very few people NOT going to Blogher this weekend? Then, spend the weekend with me at Fresh Food, Fresh Blog. I’ll be there with a group of other people NOT going to Blogher and we won’t be talking about Blogher. Instead we’ll be having fun while raising money for Farm Aid. Sponsor a few dollars and spend the weekend with us. I won’t even ask for help with the laundry.

2 thoughts on “not going to blogher?

  1. You know… I never thought about that. Why did these two events (Blogathon and Blogher) get scheduled for the same weekend. I mean, I realize that one will really have little effect on the other, but aren’t there enough weekends that this really didn’t need to happen?

  2. Maybe it’s because the blogging giants don’t participate in Blogathon, but I suspect it’s just because they didn’t consider each other when scheduling.

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