back to school part three

I already posted Noah’s supply list (forgot to add new backpack) and Amy’s list. Today I have Sarah’s list:

5 1″ binders with pockets
1 Folder with pockets and brads
2 Sets of dividers
Notebook paper – Lots!!
Pens (blue or black)
Highlighters – 3 colors
Hand sanitizer
Dry erase markers
Overhead markers
Watercolor paints

What I’m really looking forward to (besides the paperwork times 4), is the fee requests. I know already that each child will have a $25 fee due to Knox County Schools.

2 thoughts on “back to school part three

  1. I bought my 10yo’s supplies yesterday. As usual I had some of the items left over from last year, so it wasn’t too bad. They were asking for a “2-subject notebook” but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I got the 3-subject. Other strange items on the list were zippered binder and the dictionary/thesaurus (they specified the serial number and said that it was available at Borders or Barnes and Noble! – apparently they have been reading my comments on this blog ;))

  2. Noah’s teachers wanted 6 subject dividers and our choice was 5 or 8, so we bought 8 thinking he could toss the extras. Noah’s teacher asked for a 12 pack of drinks but the juice on sale came in 15 packs. Doug thinks the teacher will start the year off annoyed with us for not following directions.

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