the only good thing about never going anywhere

Doug has joked about naked airlines for years. Yuck. I envision the future of flying more of a cross between visiting prison and being a hospital patient. A new checkpoint will be added for passengers to strip down and put on hospital scrubs. No carry-ons will be expanded to include jewelry and personal belongings of any kind. The clothes you wore to the airport, your jewelry, car keys and purse will be placed in a bag and sent down to be treated like all luggage. At the end of your flight you get to keep the scrubs which were covered in the new “safety fee” added to the cost of your flight ticket. Passengers who travel heavily will look and smell like the news anchors in Tim Burton’s Batman.

4 thoughts on “the only good thing about never going anywhere

  1. Actually, I was thinking that it would wind up looking more like Con Air. Each person in a jumpsuit with their hands and legs shackled to the chair.

  2. My flight from Atlanta on Saturday went well. I carried on my club-like travel guitar without a problem. One of my classmates from the training program told me the guy in front of him went through security with a sack of baseball bats while somebody else got a nail clipper taken away.

    Apparently, we don’t fear Al-Caveman but we’re dead scared of Al-Metrosexual.

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