No way

My children are NOT going to drive past the school they are now zoned for in order to attend this new school. We’re not part of the Farragut ‘old money’ trying to keep their children away from the Hardin Valley ‘new money’. We’re near Bearden High and our house would fit inside most of the Farragut homes. Going to the new school would just be too much time on a bus, too far away for me to get there quickly and too much chaos surrounding the new school.

7 thoughts on “No way

  1. Didn’t anybody think about this BEFORE they decided on the site to build the freakin’ school? I mean seriously… where the hell is the “planning board” and why aren’t their feet being held to the fire?

  2. I don’t understand – why would anyone on the far side of the school they’re zoned for change zones to the new school?

    i.e. if you live east of Karns or Bearden high, how would the zoning affect you? How can a school zone wrap around a school?

    And as for the Farragut parents who don’t want to move their kids – I totally understand their desire to maintain community (I’m sure it’s tougher to plan those Sweet 15 Birthday parties when everyone’s at different schools) but, you know, if FHS is overcrowded then that’s all that matters and they need to suck it up.

    And if they really want another high school in Farragut, then let the people of Farragut build their own and donate it to Knox County.

  3. All potential students for the new school were sent letters about the zoning meetings so that parents couldn’t say they weren’t given the opportunity to have input on the final decision. We got two letters.

  4. Our little elementary school is getting crowded because they redid the zoning a while back to balance the schools out.

    We have kids who are bussed past TWO schools to get to ours.

    2100 students? That is HUGE.

    Our HS is about 1700 and they are talking of building a new school within 10 years.

    Our county is a county of choice- you can send your kid to any school as long as you get them there.

  5. Interesting. We didn’t get a letter that I know of, and we’re zoned for Karns. And we live practically next door to the Hardin Valley site so I’m sure we’ll be zoned for there eventually.

    Course, my oldest is 10 and not enrolled in a public school so maybe we’re not on their radar…

    I printed out a map of the school districts and at first glance it seems easy where to carve out a new district – cut Karns in half. But obviously that doesn’t take population density into account. I’d need to see how overcrowded Farragut/Karns/Bearden all were, and what parts of those three districts have the most students to make an assessment.

  6. We have subdivisions being developed in all 3 communities. Seems that the developers have not considered the burden on the local schools. THey have considered the load in their pockets!

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