overheard at the East TN Blogathon

“She used to be a Mommy Blogger, but now she’s political. Why don’t you blog more about politics?”

My answer was short. “Because it would make me crazy.” The long answer is this. You would have to use the wayback machine to find it, but I’ve been blogging since 1999. I started out just journaling my life and that’s pretty much what I still blog about. Over time I’ve added photography and videos to my daily blogging, but it’s still about my life. I talk about politics and pop culture as they effect my family but I don’t spend my days complaining about the leaders that I put in office. Others do that far better than I can do it. I couldn’t blog about my job when I worked, but I can post thoughts about the issues I dealt with when they are relevant to here and now. I sometimes find myself unable to post about an annoyance, because I don’t blog anonymously. My posts are usually short, because I hunt and peck a quick thought here and there when I have a moment of peace or need a millisecond of escape. I blog to have a record of our life. I blog my memories to keep them from being swallowed by time. I blog to help myself keep things in perspective. I blog because I sometimes feel like I am drowning in life and need to connect with other human beings. Before my children outnumbered my arms, I was very active in local and state politics. I blog to stay sane and politics is sad and frustrating. I want to laugh more, not less. I’m just a Mommy who blogs.

One thought on “overheard at the East TN Blogathon

  1. Can’t blame you. The way I see it, its your website, put whatever crosses your fingers in it. People read it, so you must be doing something right.
    Personally, I find people who solely blog politics to be vapid.

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