2 thoughts on “Clowns ARE scary!

  1. The funny thing about that clown is that I got scolded for taking the picture. It was one of the costume tents in the parking lot of West Town Mall and they kindly explained to me that I could be a would-be competitor trying to get ideas for my own costume tent. You know. If their margins are that tight they need to get out of the business. And IF I had the least bit of interest in setting up a competitive tent I think maybe I would be subtler about my photos..you know..like a video camera..but I really can’t imagine needing to do that because there isn’t much creativity in this business. Honestly, how hard is it to rent a tent from Party Rentals, pay $20 for a City business license, $20 for a County business license, get a sales tax id from the state for free, get some shelving from the used business equipment warehouse on Middlebrook or Central, powerwash a section of rented parking lot, rent a dumpster, rent a generator, and contact a wholesaler about inventory?

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