How to vote

Version A –
When the rain storm has turned into a light shower, load everyone into the car and drive the short distance to the elementary school. Decide which child will go into the voting booth with which parent. Assign other children a corner of the room to sit quietly and read. Get lectured by voting personnel on the dangers of taking a child into the booth. Nod politely. Make votes and then stare at your choices in hopes that you didn’t make any errors, not in choices, but in equipment usage. The first parent out begins gathering the children while onlookers stare and whisper. The second parent finishes and you hurry out of the building into the pouring rain and wonder if a single person or issue you voted for will win.

Version B – Take turns staying home with all of the children while one parent goes, alone, to vote. Unexpected lines cause both parents stress as they hurry to be sure that both get to vote. The children are completely unaware of the election process and spend the evening annoyed as their parents stare at computer monitors and television screens.

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