I voted.

Doug and I voted with only the youngest two to help us. Evan quietly waited in Doug’s arms for the 5 minute shuffle from table to table to table. Amy wanted to be held and put down two dozen times in the same 5 minutes. The line for the actual machines was about 10 minutes long. Amy quizzed me the entire 10 minutes while Evan rested his head on Doug’s shoulder. I thought we were going to have a problem when the woman directly in front of me couldn’t work the machine, “I made a mistake! What do I do now?” but we just went around her while one of the seniors who worked the polls went to assist her. As soon as Doug stuck his head in the funny looking mini-tent, Evan became Mr. Grabby McPush-Buttons and Doug looked around desperately until I finished and took Evan from him. Amy became focused on one question at my mini-tent. “Who are you voting for Mom? Who’d you pick?” She got louder and louder despite my whispers that I would talk about it as soon as I was finished. With Amy ringing in one ear and Doug looking around desperately in the corner of my eye, I sped thru the disarmingly easy process. How can people have trouble with this machine? Have they never played a video game or used a PDA? Now I wait for Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert and take solace in the fact that I personally cancelled out each and every one of my father’s votes.

One thought on “I voted.

  1. I confess…
    I didn’t vote. I totally meant to do it early, and we procrastinated, and yesterday, well, I got distracted.
    I know what you’d say, but I still meant to. D’oh.

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