I posted a photo of GAC last week without any words because, I just couldn’t find any words. It was all too horrible and instead of helping, I could produce only tears. So, I owe you a story. See how hazy last week’s picture looks? AT and a few other guys were grilling a few feet away from her and when I pointed my camera at her, she was quietly smiling and listening to the boys as they bantered about the smoke they were creating. She caught me, turned and raised her drink while she continued to listen to AT. It was like a silent toast to the moment. A moment frozen in time.

Doug thinks I read too much into things. I sit back and watch people and make mental notes about their motivations, actions and reactions. I watched GAC listening and smiling at the men acting like boys. I know she was amused at their play. I watched her walk over and sit against him. He listened and reacted as she spoke. They spoke to each other without words. Now, he speaks for both of them. Please continue to show them love and support.

4 thoughts on “AT & GAC

  1. That was sweet.
    I was just reflecting tonight, while watching a movie, how I miss those silent communications. Those looks across a crowded room at each other, sweet smiles. Tiny motions of the eyebrows, prompting whatever action. Just a reassurance.
    I miss that.
    Those silent communications, while stilled for now, are how I know that things will be alright.
    Thanks, Cathy. This, as with so many things lately, has touched me. Thanks for noticing BJ, her moments. Thats a gift.

  2. Photo is sad but beautiful. It sure would be nice to have them both back on my porch.
    Thanks Cathy.

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