feeling whiney

Tommy is in a snit over History class, a subject he absolutely loves which is being taught by a coach who is turning out to be a nightmare of an excuse for a teacher. If we could afford a lawyer we would have filed charges against Tommy’s bus driver for all the things she has done this year. Making him leave class early, refusing to cooperate with a bus aide and so much more. The last straw resulted in Tommy losing his brand-new class ring.

Noah’s teacher is following through on her promise that “Noah will never earn the right to be a safety” which would earn him a trip to DC. He is punished for doing anything at all when he is not doing worksheets or workbooks. No reading, no drawing, no nothing is allowed. Instead of giving him a hands-on assignment that involves measuring, building, anything active, all the students get workbook assignments. Instead of turning Noah’s love of reading into extra projects, reading is punished. When a child is making A’s academically, placing third place in the school spelling bee and failing the subjectively graded “conduct”, it doesn’t take a genius to see that child needs more challenges and not more punishment.

If I shave my head, can I spend a month in a luxury spa with a personal trainer and daily massages?

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