Things that make you go hmm

R.Neil and Nine Months tagged me as a thinking blog. I’m just a mom blogger and don’t belong in such good company, but I would love to highlight some smart bloggers out there, like:

1. Appalachistan is a loving parent who sees our community through untinted lenses. Be sure to read this post. Then, visit

2. The Adventures of Latte Man, a New Jersey native with the intelligence and wit that Southerners like to claim as uniquely their own.

3. North Knoxville’s Katie Allison Granju had to be on this list because she makes me feel less like a freak for attachment parenting, extending breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Plus, she’s so cute and tiny that she catches you completely off guard and knocks you off your feet with her intelligence.

4. XKCD is pure geek humor.

5. Along the same line, The Comics Curmudgeon puts far more thought into the funny pages than most of us and the results are hysterical.

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