wasting time

Both Sarah and Noah have informed me that they are doing “nothing” for these last two weeks of school. Before the end of this week, all books will be turned in and every day will be some sort of read-in or field day or play time. If school work is completed, then why not just stay home and enjoy the summer? If school is still open, why don’t they make good use of every possible moment? I don’t care if grades have already been averaged. Can’t they teach and learn just because it’s the right thing to do? If nothing matters but grades and test scores, just call it a year and let the children stay home.

3 thoughts on “wasting time

  1. Same thing is happening here. My third grader has “camp” this week, the kids were playing in tents set up outside (fun in the morning, but hellishly hot in the afternoon, I would think)

  2. Lane is right… it is ALL about the money. To receive State and Federal Money they must have X amount of day. They also must have Y attendance, so even if they are doing “nothing” it will not be alright to allow your child to just stay home, because it would throw their attendance records out of balance, and affect money.

    (Just another reason to “love” No Child Left Behind)

    Now in reality they SHOULD be using the entire school year, but I guess especially down south where it gets warmer much sooner than it does for us Yankees, it is tough to keep kids focused.

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