too many clues

And yet again, we return to the ongoing saga of the mystery neighbors. Someone else in the cove found a baggy of the substance we suspect is being processed or distributed (how many steps are there in that process), in the street in front of the neighbors’ house. Since nobody saw how the bag got there, I guess it could have belonged to anyone, BUT there seem to be an awful lot of clues that point toward the original theory about the neighbors. I believe that this particular substance should be legalized (as should prostitution), but that doesn’t mean I want it around my children. I especially don’t want any activity that could erupt into gunfire taking place directly next door to our house. I also don’t want to complain about or bother anyone who might feel the need to solve the problem with guns. I guess we’ll just try to be quiet, polite neighbors and hope that this is the kind of operation which doesn’t stay in one place for very long.

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