if a tree falls on the weekend

I’m going to start a club for people who blog on the weekends. We’ll call it “I’m really lame” or “I have no life away from the computer” or “I’m seriously addicted to the Internet” or something like that. Even when our family goes out and does something, I still find time to blog every day. We spent all of Mother’s Day in the mountains and I still posted a thousand pictures and blogged twice. The rest of the world stays away from their blogs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That deprives me of the insights, stories and pictures that I use as incentives during my day. “As soon as I fold this basket of laundry, I can spend 15 minutes on the computer.” Only, there’s nothing new to read or see. There must be somebody out there who blogs on the weekends. Do it for me. Do it for my family’s laundry. Just blog. I need to read about somebody freaking out about toothpaste and somebody else saying not to worry.

7 thoughts on “if a tree falls on the weekend

  1. I blogged about school controversy in Loudon County this morning. But, you and Doug are probably over school controversies at this point. I completely understand.

  2. Most of my blogging is on the weekend these days due to fun vampires at my work.
    Should I move to k-town?
    I’m thinking I should.

  3. I don’t have set blogging days. I just blog as the mood strikes. There really IS no such thing as a weekend when both parents are home and we homeschool. Except for church on Sunday, one day is pretty much like any other.
    But I get ya. I hate when my fave bloggers take the weekend off. I need a life too.

  4. Except for scheduled outings like karate, scouts, etc., every day is pretty much the same for me. Children need bathing and dressing. The laundry has to happen every day. The dishes have to be washed. I live an exciting life vicariously through blogs.

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