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At all the recent blogger gatherings, the topic of my green marker art on Doug’s face has been discussed. Since I am frequently deliberately vague with my blog postings, there seems to be some misconception about the marker’s purpose. I will try to explain in my typically unclear way. Many people think that the green marker is used as a negative consequence for Doug’s behaviors and words. Doug just looooves it when he makes people drop their jaws. He sits at his basement desk and giggles so loud that I can hear it in the kitchen. If we get a phone call about one of his posts, he gets so happy that his day’s fighting with code is completely forgotten. I post my reaction in his comments or roll my eyes. His mischief is funny, not naughty. Anything not related to what appears in the blogs is just Doug being Doug and I love Doug and all his quirks. No need for retributions. If he is being especially annoying (usually related to the construction in the house and yard), I may punch buggy a little emphatically. I know it’s passive aggressive. I’m sorry.

No, the green marker stays in our bedroom and it is tucked away in the main piece of furniture in that room. Doug’s favorite time of day is 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. He verbally punishes himself for the day’s failures every night at 9 and is deep asleep by 10. My favorite time of the day is 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Therein lies the problem. Some nights when I am wide awake and Doug is snoring soundly, I get bored, antsy and lonely for talking or otherwise with Doug, I do artwork on his face. He usually gets the message when he looks in the mirror the following morning and that next night, he manages to stay awake a little longer. A little bit of graffiti and everyone gets what they want. It’s not as subtle as lit candles, but it works for us.

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  1. I could tell the first and only time I’ve ever met Doug, that it would take a strong woman to control him, and I believe you are that woman.

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