small, small world

The children are pet sitting for the neighbors this week, so of course, I have been over there several times doing their job for them. On one visit, I snooped in one of their dresser drawers. Yes, I know it’s horrible. In my defense, I only opened the drawer a few inches and scooted the contents so that I could see if it had been lined with contact paper. No, I had a good reason. Evan had run in the room and when I ran in to scoop him up and saw the dresser, my jaw dropped. Literally, dropped. That dresser looked exactly like the dresser I bought in Nashville when I was pregnant with Sarah, 14 years ago. The dresser that I sold at my parents’ yard sale in 2002. The dresser that I had lined with contact paper to match the closet shelves. The contact paper that I might still have downstairs. The same contact paper that is lining my neighbor’s dresser drawers. My neighbors who moved to the house next door in 2003. Okay, I know you’re saying so what, but I think it’s twilight zoney.

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