cleaning up the trash

trashfoliage pile #2
Ever since we started working on the courtyard at BMS, I have been concerned about how we’ll get rid of the trash. I started out with the trash service, thinking I could get a temporary dumpster donated. They were willing to donate, but unable to do so without “permission” from the school department. Umm, okay then. I started sending e-mails and leaving messages to get permission. No answers. Everyone in maintenance couldn’t be on vacation when I see so much construction at all the schools. Summertime is school repair time. Today I finally got a phone call. I felt like the school employee and I were speaking two different languages. Even though I e-mailed photographs of the trash and a very detailed explanation of exactly what we were doing, he was confused. “My employees looked and couldn’t see any trash at the school.” Much explaining later, he offered to talk to the employees again. Progress made – zero. Pound head on desk and try again.

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