six down, one to go

Doug comes home tomorrow! Well, unless something happened that I don’t know about because I haven’t talked to him all week. No. He’s coming home tomorrow night. Saturday had better not be a marker fairy night. Sunday will be a whine-a-thon.
“I’ve been sleeping on the ground all week. I need a day of rest.”
“I’ve been parenting, chauffeuring and entertaining 5 children and their friends all week. I need a rest.”
“Can’t the children take care of themselves?”

One thought on “six down, one to go

  1. Our neighbor’s husband just returned from a year in Korea with the Army — ironically, they both insist that the other one was having a “fun” year. In your case, I’d argue just the opposite, that you both had a tough week, but Doug volunteered while you agreed, so that’s the difference. You win, if I get a vote.

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