Blogathon Countdown

STAR entrance
Less than a week until the blogathon and the cats are still ahead of us in sponsors.
Our wonderful Blogathon Sponsors:
Jeni & Dean
Big Stupid Tommy who can’t really be stupid with such a good name.

Read what everyone on our team is planning:

We CAN be bribed by sponsors, so:
1. Go here and sponsor us. You can sponsor anonymously if you wish. *
2. Make a post about us on your blog. Even if you can’t sponsor us, show support by helping spread the word.
3. Read, watch, comment and play bingo here starting at 9 a.m. on the 28th (that’s this Saturday morning).
4. Afterwards, you will make your donation online, directly to STAR (no middle man).

*STAR can also use volunteers and in-kind donations.

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