end of summer fun

Yesterday afternoon, we impulsively decided to do something we’ve talked about for years, but never done. We jumped in the car and took Doug to his first drive-in movie. The drive there was quick and easy. Doug parked in the front row so that Evan could run and play in the grass with the other children. We had lawn chairs, sweet tea and beautiful weather. The parking lot filled slowly with cars, trucks and vans. Families with children and couples with blankets stretched out and relaxed. It was quiet enough to hear the bugs chirping in the trees surrounding the screen and calm enough to allow children to wander freely. It was exactly the opposite of Boomsday. As dusk fell, we watched bats swoop for bugs just above the screen as the movie began. The first movie was Ratatouille. Evan tried to watch, but lacking anything resembling an attention span, he decided to go touch the giant screen. After several re-directions, he settled in to playing with rocks before getting oddly restless. It wasn’t until he struck a specific pose that we realized the source of his discomfort was physical. After cleaning up the biohazard created by Evan (including my changing into one of Noah’s shirts that Doug found in the back of our car), we all settled in to watch Bourne Ultimatum. Evan fell asleep in my arms and the stars twinkled overhead. The evening was perfect. Doug liked it so much that he’s already talking about going again. Next time, I’ll bring a clean outfit for me.

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