movie day

My Mother, my daughters and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and we loved it. It’s sweet, funny and a teeny bit sad.

not just a mom

“I’m out of books to read. Is this series too young?” “I don’t think so. How have you not read that already?” “When those books came out, I wasn’t reading, watching or going to see anything. I was just a mom.” Please forgive the annoyance of me blathering endlessly about the books I read, the […]

Hocus Pocus

I may have watched Hocus Pocus excessively over Halloween weekend, but… 1. Since there’s no sequel, can we at least get a new Winifred song? Pretty please. 2. Also, it’s time for a picture of adult Max and Dani as Peter Pan and Wendy. 3. Did the parents and other adults die on the dance […]

The Standards

When scrolling the guide to choose something to watch, there are a few movies that always make me stop scrolling and start watching. They are movies that I can quote verbatim. They aren’t necessarily considered “good” movies, but I love them. When Doug has the remote, he stops on them just because he knows I’ll […]

perils of marketing

“I want to see the Deadpool movie.” “No.” “But, it looks funny.” “No.” “I’ll ask Grandaddy to take me.” “No.” “Then, I’ll wait and watch it on Netflix.” “No.” “Why are you being mean? I’ll be the only person in the world who doesn’t get to see it.”

cause effect

“Those giant birds stare at me when I’m waiting for the bus and they follow me home.” “You’ve seen enough Ghibli movies to know they are more than birds.” “Oh. Ohhhh.” “Sometimes, I have a story in my head and I hafta finish it before I do anything else.” “A is a sweet girl, but […]


“It’s asking if we want regular commercial breaks or a single four minute ad at the beginning.” “What? When did it start asking this? Why do we have to make decisions that don’t matter?” “It started doing that now. This is a no-brainer. Let’s get the commercial out of the way. It’s a no-lose scenario.” […]

Insomniac theater

When everyone in the house except me is asleep and I’m too exhausted to get up and do anything, but have too many mental tabs open to sleep, I seek out a movie to watch. Since I’m a movie fan instead of a movie critic, my bar for insomniac theater movie selection is pretty low. […]

movie trailers

Thanks to a successful marketing campaign that had my two youngest asking DAILY if they could go, we went to see Big Hero 6. It’s a cute movie, but I would have preferred to wait and buy the Blu-ray. Feast, the short before Big Hero 6 is absolutely wonderful. Go see Feast. Before Big Hero […]