Instead of remaking movies

While watching movies from my personal Halloween playlist, it occurs to me that I need to compile a list of movies that would be vastly improved by eliminating the soundtrack and replacing it with something that actually enhances the movie. I have two for the list already: Ghost Story Ladyhawke It’s not a big enough […]

Insomniac *brain drain

What if the B&B in Groundhog Day is evil and everyone staying there is stuck in a loop.  What about the other guests? They’re still waiting for rescue. *reference to ancient children’s movie full of Jurassic Park Easter eggs because insomnia brain time skips

Crying in the popcorn bucket

As the lights dimmed in our completely full auditorium on opening night, the audience applauded. The instant the applause faded, sniffles could be heard. There was a palpable tension as everyone waited to see the conclusion of twenty something movies and a couple of TV shows. At an emotional point on the screen, I wiped […]

The Rook

When I read The Rook, it made my skin crawl. The book is creepy and fascinating while the sequel book is chaotic and satisfying. After the first trailer for the TV adaptation, I knew they were going to make it action-adventure. I’m still going to watch every last minute of it. Sometimes, adaptations are very […]

Thanksgiving movie night

After we stuff our faces with Thanksgiving linner or whatever it is that you call the meal you eat at 2 in the afternoon, we go to the movies. Last year, we watched Fantastic Beasts. This year, we nattered about DC vs Marvel before choosing to go see Ragnarok. I knew to expect silliness. I’ve […]

Blade Runner 2049

I loved it. That was my feeling walking out of the theater and it remains my feeling after a night of Blade Runner flavored dreams. Blade Runner 2049 is worth the expense of movie tickets and *concessions. Blade Runner’s greatest strength is sensory nostalgia. It takes the grainy memories of the first movie and explodes […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians sequel is lighter and sillier than its’ predecessor. The cold, sharpness of the film’s antagonist is softened like metaphorical vaseline on a camera lens. Everyone on the screen seems to be having fun and that mood was reflected by the audience. Nobody exiting the theater was fruitlessly trying to explain to a companion […]

movie day

My Mother, my daughters and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and we loved it. It’s sweet, funny and a teeny bit sad.

not just a mom

“I’m out of books to read. Is this series too young?” “I don’t think so. How have you not read that already?” “When those books came out, I wasn’t reading, watching or going to see anything. I was just a mom.” Please forgive the annoyance of me blathering endlessly about the books I read, the […]

Hocus Pocus

I may have watched Hocus Pocus excessively over Halloween weekend, but… 1. Since there’s no sequel, can we at least get a new Winifred song? Pretty please. 2. Also, it’s time for a picture of adult Max and Dani as Peter Pan and Wendy. 3. Did the parents and other adults die on the dance […]