It’s just soap.

Sarah is not the only person in our family who is funny in a store. Yesterday, OCD Man Doug and I ran in the red bullseye store for a few items. I tasked Doug with finding body wash while I grabbed toothpaste and shampoo. I picked my two items and paused to search a clearance endcap before I went to find Doug.
“Haven’t you picked one yet?”
“No. I’ve narrowed it down though.”
The man opened and sniffed every single type of body wash on the aisle. He compared the way the bottles opened and closed as well as how they dispensed their liquid bubblies. Of course, he just had to calculate the cost and size of each container. Eventually, he made his selection. I didn’t mention that in just a few days time Amy will have used half the bottle trying to make a bubble bath and Evan will have watered down the remainder beyond usefulness. I was more concerned with never sending Doug and Sarah shopping together.

One thought on “It’s just soap.

  1. But if you did send them together, you can rest assured that they’d be out the house a lot longer. Two less people to make noise and two less people to make mess. That’s just pure gold!

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