Yes, a television news crew is filming me typing this post. This is free flow train of thought stuff. What would YOU post about? If news is covering blogging, does that make blogging news? Is this how we blend old and new media? I should have twitter feed rolling across the bottom of the screen. Oh, wait. I have that in the sidebar. We did have to kick Doug, Evan and Molly out of the house. This is a Mommy blogger, typing in calm and quiet. Except, I usually don’t have quiet OR calm. This much quiet makes me want to nap. At least they are accurately capturing my messy desk. If only the laundry was on the couch.
news crew
The newsmen were extremely nice and understanding of our barking dog, wild toddler and messy house. I sounded like a blithering idiot, but they kindly reassured me that I’m exactly what they thought a “Mommy blogger” would be. I’m not sure if that was praise or sarcasm. Maybe I should have worn my jammies. No. I’ll save that for blogathons. I wonder what they’ll say about us to Katie.

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