PTO says:

PTO: “We’re not doing any fundraisers this year. Just the request for donations.”
Me: “I think that’s wonderful! This school has a diverse population and we shouldn’t reward or punish children for their economic status, but what about coupon books?”
PTO: “That’s not us. That’s the school system.”
Me: “Okay, but what about the school carnival?”
PTO: “But, that’s fun!”
Me: “It’s not fun for the children who can’t afford to pay for every game and activity.”
PTO: blink-blink
Me: “What about the special dinner parties?”
PTO: “Those are only for the donors.”
Me: blink-blink

If you don’t read School Matters, I made a lengthy comment here.

3 thoughts on “PTO says:

  1. They wanted to charge $15 for the arm band. A few voices of reason spoke up and they lowered it to $10. I would have been happy with $5, or “donation.”

  2. We wouldn’t be attending at $15 per child. At $10 per child, we’ll only be bringing the youngest children and we won’t be having the school’s $10 per person dinner when it is costing at least $30 just for us to attend. Putting an end to product sales was a huge leap in the right direction. Another good step would be a most improved contest or something for each grade level with 2 wristbands as the prize. Teachers could give extra consideration to the students who wouldn’t otherwise be attending the carnival.

  3. May I nominate you for a board position next year? I know you have a small child still at home, but I’m on a mission, along with other voices of reason, to have “real” people on the board.

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