Why must politics be painful?

I try to be aware of how my representatives vote on issues. I may care more about some issues than others, but I still try to follow the overall tone of what is happening. I vote. I am polite and respectful to my elected officials. I try to choose my battles wisely and if I feel strongly about an issue, I e-mail, call and write letters. I’m no stranger to news cameras or panel discussion shows. I don’t expect everything to go my way. I just feel like I have to try to convince my my representatives to consider my point of view. So, why does it feel like my elected officials hate hearing from me? Why do I feel like they don’t hear my words? Why do they say things like “I know what is best” as if I’m a clueless child? I thought that being elected meant that you promise to try to do what is best for the people in your district and not that you are all-knowing and omnipotent. Why do they want everything to feel like a battle? Aren’t we on the same team?

3 thoughts on “Why must politics be painful?

  1. You are only on the same team if you are on their team. They are the king makers we are the minions, we are better seen and never heard from unless we say good job.

    I say let’s have a knoxville version of the boston tea party.

  2. Unless you have a wad of donation cash in your hand, you are not the demographic that your politician is worried about.

    Harsh? Perhaps, but more and more it seems like the truth. Even those that start out with the “best of intentions” quickly learn that campaign cash is a necessary evil and they play their hand to that need.

    Don’t believe me? Then explain this to me. The Democrats (mostly) were after The GOP for illegal wiretaps. They find the smoking gun they are looking for with the Telcos. Then they proceed to pass a law giving the Telcos amnesty against the laws they broke? If you don’t think that campaign cash had everything to do with this being passed, then it is easy to believe that our politicians are on the “same side” as we the people.

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