Internet dress code: No feelings on sleeve

I hurt people’s feelings. I know this, because they tell me. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t get the memo that the Internet has Asperger’s. Well, it does. Sometimes I think Internet users should have beginner’s permits until they earn their license. It would make it much easier to know how to communicate with them. Maybe a simple quiz would help us understand each other better. Do you think aol IS the Internet? Do you use your history to visit favorite sites or do you have bookmarks? Do Yahoo groups confuse you? Is e-mail just too difficult to use? Ohhhh, I have my Babel fish tuned to the right frequency now. You shouldn’t feel picked on, insulted or misunderstood. If I post your name, job title, and explanation of why i dislike you and my hopes the recall position passes so we can get you out of office, I AM picking on you. If I call you a misogynistic moron, I AM insulting you. If you have no sense of humor, no appreciation for sarcasm and no tolerance for ideas that are different than yours, get off the Internet. If you think everything is about you, get therapy and medication asap. Otherwise, chill out. I like most people better than I like myself. Including, you.

3 thoughts on “Internet dress code: No feelings on sleeve

  1. At this moment in time, nobody that I am aware of is offended by my blog posts. I have been sitting on a draft that claimed the “Internet has Aspergers” forever. I had to wait until things were calm so I wouldn’t have people offended by my post that I never meant to offend them.

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