Christmas review

Even though Doug posted his version, let’s see how quickly I can summarize the past three days. Christmas evening, I got a grand total of two hours sleep. Christmas day, the children were gifted with extreme generosity by all of their relatives and Santa. Poor Sarah (who made straight A’s this semester) had toys that wouldn’t work and a chair that (she thought) was missing parts. She even managed to drop the heavy chair on her foot and broke her itty bitty pinky toe. Tommy spent less time hiding in his room than he ever has in the past. Noah now leaves a trail of air soft pellets everywhere he goes. Those things would be a lot easier to clean if they were metal and I could just sweep the floors with a pin magnet. Of course, then they would be BBs and Noah wouldn’t have so much freedom with them. Amy and Evan have their sleeping schedule completely out of whack, but they make up for it by constantly whacking each other with play swords. Doug and I tried to give each other extra special rewards for an extremely hard year and now we feel selfish (but very happy in a way that Newscoma understands). Christmas evening, my brain turned off around 5 pm. By 6, everyone sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher and I didn’t care if the children were walking on the ceiling or eating off the floor. Doug took over at 8:30 pm and I crashed hard. Fourteen hours later I arose from my hibernation. Yesterday I stumbled around in a stupor all day. Today, the house is still in total disarray and Noah is having a friend sleeping (they won’t sleep) over tonight. I’m off to make some hammy beans and finish putting the children’s new things away in their rooms. Tomorrow I want to make some design changes on School Matters (which is nominated for a Digital Edge Award).
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  1. Don’t be sorry! Swords rock! We have several nerf swords strewn about the house and periodically throughout the day spontaneous whackings occur. It’s quite fun! The plastic sword has a little more sting but usually Evan weilds it so that’s ok.

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