January Blogfest

Doug and I went out for a fun blogger gathering this evening. Everyone who was carrying sat at one end of the table and we sat at the other end. Doug forced some of the debris from his dungeon upon others. This gathering he had t-shirts, a wireless router and a Seesmic invite. Next time he’ll have t-shirts and umm, 2 large server racks. We can start a new blogfest tradition. My trash, your treasure. Apparently, one of the unexpected benefits of being old is a sudden awareness of the smoke in the room. I had to bathe as soon as I got home. All of my clothes are in the washing machine and my coat is dripping with febreeze. I drank waaaay too much tea to keep from coughing and looking bar-wimpy. My babysitter doesn’t understand that you are supposed to clean up before the parents get home. It looks like there was a miniature Jurassic Park war while we were gone. Dinosaurs all over the floor. Chocolate syrup on the steps. A large toy snake in the toilet. Fun was definitely had by all. I think we’ll send all the children to their grandparents for the next blogfest. And I’ll drink less tea. I have to go see if the snake has been removed.

3 thoughts on “January Blogfest

  1. …. and hey, I didnt read the rule about carrying…. I had my .380 there with me…… was I supposed to sit farther back?….

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