Tommy says:

“Either Huckabee or McCain.”

I weep for our future. Time for some deprogramming. I want my children to think for themselves, but in all fairness, these are not Tommy’s thoughts. I know exactly who has put them in his head. Unlike the person who is telling him how to think, I am going to attempt explaining issues to Tommy. I don’t want him voting based on the letter after a person’s name. I want him to see beyond political parties. Tommy’s world is concrete and rules based. It is going to be very hard to explain that some things are neither right nor wrong. It will be difficult for Tommy to know how to respond to choices which have both good and bad consequences. I have to do this very carefully so that I don’t unfairly influence Tommy. On the other hand, if I consider my vote as the one that cancels out my father’s vote, it sure would be nice if Tommy leaned toward caring for each other instead of caring about power.

3 thoughts on “Tommy says:

  1. I feel your pain. That absoluteness is the reason Bob has no relationship with his son. We watch from afar at his life unfolding but his Mother’s influence has been so poisoning that he will not have anything to do with his father at all. Everything Bob did for his son, all the Scouting trips and everything, has been wiped away and reprogrammed to “mom gave up everything for me and you never even wanted me”. It has truly broken Bob’s heart but there’s nothing he can do to change it. Even when he has the opportunity to present another viewpoint it is ignored or dismissed because “that’s not what Mom said”. Very sad.

  2. Did Noah’s reprogramming stick? I imagine not, but hopefully he at least washes his hands now.

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