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  1. I think we have two good (viable) candidates on the Democratic side.

    Hilary has a bad case of what Gore called “the politician disease,” yes, and she will be too middle-of-the-road for my tastes. But she will do good. Of note for you: she’s sure to want to work on healthcare to make up for her prior failure.

    Whatever anyone says, “experience” is not a problem for Obama. Think of the pool of potential advisors. Think of the superstar cabinet either of them could pull. With Edwards out, Obama’s our most traditionally Democratic candidate.

    Both candidates are smart. Very smart. And accomplished. Won’t that be a welcome change? Hilary actually has a more progressive energy policy than Obama, who’s being a little vague on that front. Obama is much less of a corporate ho. There’s a lot to say for both of ’em.

  2. Oh, and if Richardson endorses Obama, look for an Obama/Richardson ticket. That will take care of his weakness with latinos. Obama/Edwards would be our most likely progressive dream ticket, but I don’t think it will happen.

    Oh… I’m for (actually for) Obama, in case you couldn’t tell. But if Hilary’s up in November, I’ll be pulling the lever for her with glee. The candidates are flawed (human, even) but if you compare the Republican and the Democratic pools, the Democrats have had a great set of folks & the choice in the fall will be clear no matter which of the two takes the lead.

  3. I voted this morning and feel good about my vote for Obama. He probably won’t win the nomination, but I like him, I find him refreshing, and, I don’t believe he would do as much harm as as W has done.

  4. No one here is voting for anything. The weather is horrid and schools are closed. (First snow day of the school year. LOL!)

    But that’s exactly how I feel. I can’t vote for anyone. It’s more like voting against, or just voting for the lesser of two evils. And they’re all a bunch of liars. I just can’t deal with that anymore.

  5. I feel I am voting for third best now that Edwards is out (and Gore was never in), but I still think it is better than voting against someone.

    I guess the problem comes to November where if Obama does get the nomination, then I wind up voting for him, because he will do less damage than any of the remaining GOP.

    But it is still important, because look at the clown we got now, and it becomes clear that finding the lesser of two evils really can have a HUGE impact on the country in the long term.

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