vote and move forward

While political pundits go ‘Lord of the Flies’ in anticipation of tomorrow and the sleepless night we’ll have, I am going to spend some time confirming my decisions. We’ll be the very large family at the polls. The 2 and 5 year old will be fighting over a toy. The 11 year old will be half asleep from staying up all night tonight with his best friend. The teenage girl will do her very best to look disinterested. I will get lectured by the poll workers when I try taking Tommy inside the curtain with me. They are robots with rule books. I am a mother who has learned to stand her ground. My children WILL be voters. We’ll all go home and try to not obsess over the mutterings on the Internet. I’ll fail to accomplish anything around the house. Late tomorrow night I’ll stare at the computer and listen to the television. I will question the priorities and intelligence of Americans over some of the results. Doug will wear his tin-foil hat and conjure conspiracy theories. Wednesday will feel like the day after a big party. Some good feelings, some bad feelings and lots of physically and emotionally exhausted people.

I don’t know if I’ll have anything to say tomorrow. Whatever happens, Wednesday we need to move forward. What? This is just the appetizer for November’s feast? Sigh. See you at the polls.

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