search terms of the week

Instead of doing laundry or proofing a child’s book report on a book I haven’t read, it’s time for another installment of search terms that brought people to my little mommy blog. Although the ever popular “why is Caillou bald?” still seems to be puzzling people, this week’s searchers are looking for:

New this week is “dr. seuss – psychology” and although I understand why someone would look here since I have a Dr. Seuss story, I think they’ll get a better grade on their paper if they write about Dr. Seuss and politics.

I think any parent will tell whoever is looking for “psychology sleepovers” that there is no sleeping during a sleepover and that leads to insanity and the need for professional psychological guidance. Or you can just recover by sending the children to the grandparents’ house for a night.

I’m not sure if the person looking for “dog hose” really wants to look here. We used to have a water hose but the dog ate it.

Whoever is confessing their pron style with “i like to watch women m********e” needs to go away. Far away.

My very favorite search term this week is “pictures of people almost getting eaten” because I’m sure the only thing they will find here is pictures of children almost eating their food.

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