not the real world

The people on blogs and social networking sites are diverse and it “feels” like an accurate representation of the salad bowl that is America with samplings of the rest of the world. It’s not. Bloggers in jammies are as frightening as naked people dancing around a bonfire. While we read and comment on intimate details of politicians’ lives, words and actions, most people only know what they see on the television. Even then, they only pay attention to the very few phrases that they hear most often. Average Americans just don’t care about what’s happening outside of their own lives enough to look beyond the surface. If someone at church says something about a candidate, it is accepted as fact. It’s not just politics that divides bloggers from the rest of the world. Knowledge of other cultures and people beyond what “they” say is absent from most people’s lives. What we recognize immediately as urban legends are accepted realities outside of the web community. Try offering up a new piece of information or any evidence to the contrary and you will be treated like a midwife in Salem. Bloggers are just witches who are unfairly protected by the liberal establishment. The ten commandments need to be written into the Constitution and we will all be safe when the government can control protect us. Ignorance is righteous and knowledge is the apple being offered by a serpent.

6 thoughts on “not the real world

  1. Wow, Cathy, don’t mince words – tell us how you really feel…

    I think you’re overreacting just a touch, but then I think most people usually are on most any issue. I naturally have a more moderating view on most any issue. I think average Americans, while they may not be up to date on what bloggers think are the most important things to know about politicians and other public figures, I think they do know most of the important things more often than not.

  2. No. I really don’t think they do. They don’t at my children’s schools, they don’t in area scout groups, they don’t at grocery stores, they don’t at area churches and they don’t among working people who use the Internet primarily for e-mail.

  3. …. my goodness…… I hope that you are wrong…… people are not always sheeple….. at least, well, I like to try to believe that….

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