like watching a train wreck in slow motion

From the beginning, there were two democratic candidates capable of winning the presidency. After 8 years of Bush tyranny, America was ready. All we had to do was stand firm and strong. It was time to sing the praises of each candidate. Instead, we divided into gangs, like children on a worn out playground. Then, a civil war erupted and instead of uniting to defeat the regime of hate and greed, we are slinging muck and rocks at ourselves. We are wasting millions of dollars bruising and beating our own team. The people once alive with hope and faith find themselves feeling dirty and embarrassed. Stop it. Stop it now. Don’t lose the momentum by allowing people to burn out on this race. Don’t shrug your shoulders and quietly allow four more years of abuse and neglect. Please figure this out with some sense of dignity. What good will it do any of us if the cost of winning the battle is the loss of the war?

3 thoughts on “like watching a train wreck in slow motion

  1. Rather than asking the obvious question, let me ask a non-obvious one: Why do some people consider Bush’s tenure as non-tyrannical?

    Instead of clarifying your position, can you illuminate what you would consider to be the position of those that would disagree with you?

  2. Barry, you sound like you’re giving out an assignment. Perhaps you’d like to state your own position in the same terms.

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