pretend this is rhetorical

When there is a camera in everyone’s pocket, on every street corner and in all buildings, why does anyone, anywhere think that can do something and not be seen? Since phone calls, computer activity and financial transactions are all monitored, how egotistical do you have to be to think that you can play games and get away with it? Being a celebrity or politician just magnifies the intensity of scrutiny on your actions. When you make a monumental error in judgment, do you tell your family or do they hear it from everyone else first? Do you think making the person you have deceived and hurt the most stand beside you for press conferences makes people think you should be forgiven? I find you repulsive when you use your partner as a prop after you have betrayed them.

4 thoughts on “pretend this is rhetorical

  1. It wood have been awesome if she stood there and listened and then, at the end, hit him upside the head with a large and rather smelly fish.

    Makes me hate politicians even more than I already do, which is an accomplishment.

  2. I too wished she would have slugged him! or at the very least, waited until he finished speaking and handed him a divorce paper.

  3. I loved the subtle, yet unmistakable face she made, very quickly, when he talked about how fortunate he is to have the love of his family during these difficult times…He’s only sorry he got caught! Repulsive is definitely the word

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