5 thoughts on “That wasn’t a tea party.

  1. If you aren’t at least concerned with how this president, along with Congress, is trashing the future of this country, you haven’t been paying attention, or you are just too stupid to see it coming. You voted for this mess, OWN IT, sweet-heart.

  2. Where were the tea brains during the past 8 years? Everything that is happening now is a direct result of the damage that was already done. You take ownership.

  3. AFAIK, the whole tea-partying was self-entitled, self-righteous sheeple bellyacheing. The dialog went like this: “We’re protesting higher taxes!” Well, your taxes just went down. “Umm ok, then we’re protesting government spending!” Government spending just bailed out your McMansion you can’t afford. “Umm ok, then we’re protesting Obama cuz he’s a Socialist!” You dumbasses know what a Socialist means? “No, but our Pastor sez Socialists are gonna raise taxes.” Repeat and rinse. Anyone who ever voted for Bush should pull their heads out of their asses and look into the mirror. The future of this country is being trashed by spineless morons whose reality consists of regurgitating Rush Limbaugh and blaming everyone else except themselves.

  4. Gee I like this Stomare. Why doesn’t she get all the love I got from Dougs blog? lol

    Ok, I was maybe a little more blunt and offensive than they are used to.

  5. “this mess”

    What’s great about Obama is how he’s such a powerful, powerful man that he managed to create a worldwide financial disaster nearly a year before he came into office.

    Now *that* is power.

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