bees can make honey or they can sting

Last week, I started touring all of Knox County’s high schools and meeting the principals. It is the focus of my energies this week and my children are taking advantage of my time away to destroy the house. The end result is that I am scattered in too many directions until next week. Although I am not at the halfway point in my tour, I feel safe in making an observation about the principals of Knox County high schools.

The principals of our high schools are extremely STRONG personalities with clear opinions and big ideas. Their rabid devotion to their individual schools makes the UT fans with bare, painted chests seem mild mannered. When all of the principals gather for meetings, it must be like a room full of firecrackers looking for a spark. School Superintendents must have a Bruce Campbell alter-ego that only appears when they are alone with all of their school principals. Divided, a group of principals would be a nest of stinging bees, but working together, I can only dream of what they could accomplish.

3 thoughts on “bees can make honey or they can sting

  1. What an interesting observation! I think that principals seem to have to feel such passion in order to be completely devoted to his/her school, or at least they do to be successful. My husband is an intermediate school asst. principal, and I definitely see that in him!

  2. I’m anxiously waiting for you to finish touring so we can hear about your findings! You ARE going to write about it, right?

  3. I am ABSOLUTELY going to write about it. I think you can expect to read about (and discuss) our high schools beginning a week from today.

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