things I saw this past week

  • tons of wood shop, auto shop & beauty class equipment
  • incoming freshmen who look like babies
  • old schools built to last forever
  • a new school that looks like it won’t withstand a strong wind
  • a dozen floors being polished
  • student teachers getting orientation
  • a school built on top of a cave
  • a lab that hasn’t been updated since the 1950’s
  • rolling hills, farms, trees and morning fog
  • a high school student with a boob job
  • Smart Boards and Computers
  • band and guard students practicing in blistering heat and pouring rain
  • two car accidents
  • broken steps, cracked foundations and leaky ceilings
  • clean desks and chairs
  • principals, teachers and students
  • lots and lots of murals
  • hope

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