Car keys

Groom: “I really need to get my keys back from Doug.”
Me: “Umm, yes you do.”
Groom: “We’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of us and we’re anxious to get to our hotel.”
Me: “I’m sure you are.”
Groom: “Soooo, where is Doug?”
Me: “He is still here. Somewhere.”
Groom: “Umm, I think I’ll go look for him.”
Me: “You sure you had enough to eat?”
Groom: “Yeah, I think I need to find Doug.”
Me: “Go sit and relax. I’ll send Doug to you.”
Groom: “Goodnight Cathy.”

As the groom walked away, I could hear him thinking that Cathy is incoherent after a few glasses of wine. I was thinking that Doug had better find the lost car keys soon.

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