Ten days out

Ten of the reasons why I am going.

  • One week I found an Obama is the anti-Christ pamphlet under my windshield wiper.
  • The following week someone tried to scrape the Obama sticker off of my car.
  • A relative stopped speaking to me when I told him to stop sending my children anti-Islamic e-mails.
  • A neighbor is stockpiling weapons while waiting for the signal to begin the armed uprising.
  • Another neighbor is unable to afford utilities and food on a full-time salary.
  • I’ve been called a socialist and told “my kind” isn’t wanted around here.
  • Politicians whose only goal is hurting the other side aren’t helping anyone.
  • My youngest children have never been on an airplane.
  • We haven’t taken a vacation this year.
  • Hate is a disease and laughter is the best medicine.

4 thoughts on “Ten days out

  1. Have an awesome time! We enjoyed what little we saw of Sarah. Anytime you all need a place to stay know that you are always welcome!

  2. Totally jealous that we can’t make it out. I’m also fascinated by all the right wing terrorism I’ve heard about since Obama was elected.

    A friend of mine and Devon’s car broke down and she was waiting by it in a McDonald’s parking lot for us to pick her up last year. A woman randomly comes up to her while she’s on the phone with her husband and yells something at her about being Left Wing and throws a tea bag at her.

    Near as we can figure it was because the back of her car is festooned with bumper stickers along the lines of “COEXIST” and “Hate Is Not A Family Value.” I’m glad there’s a rally around this “Sanity” notion.

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