laying on of hands

I have never shied away from my feelings that Scientology is a hokey scam, but I can not understand the fauxrage over a celebrity’s healing touch. In varied forms, laying on of hands is something that is practiced extensively by popular religions, including Southern Baptists. When my father was sedated on a gurney and being rolled into heart surgery, his church group made the medical staff stop in the hall and pray with their hands on him. Laying on of hands is mainstream religious theater and not worth a raised eyebrow.

2 thoughts on “laying on of hands

  1. Ha. You said “Fauxrage”! I love it. Must. Remember. This. Word. And check out Josh Brolin all stirring up the pot. That crazy hot rebel! Just a thought though, I don’t think he’s going to be invited back to the Travolta’s for dinner.

  2. Fauxrage is the new black. I don’t think dinner at the Travolta’s would be nearly as much fun as dinner at the Brolin’s.

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