method to my holiday madness

Dear relatives who have finished all of your Christmas shopping except for my children,

I will send you the requested list of ideas. Making that list requires that I first plan our shopping list. Before I can sit down and plan all that shopping, I have to plan our Christmas Card picture. Deciding that picture has to happen before Thanksgiving, when the picture will be taken. That means that I will compose my master list and your micro lists in less than two weeks. You will still be able to have ALL your shopping completed by Thanksgiving. Remain calm. I will BEGIN my shopping, after the card picture is completed.

In the meantime, a review of past card picture triumphs and failures:
Christmas Card 2010Merry Christmas 2009Christmas Card 20082007 Christmas CardChristmas card 2006Christmas Card 2005

4 thoughts on “method to my holiday madness

  1. You do know there’s a website to upload “Awkward Family Photos?” And it will give you great ideas for this year also!

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